How to build a bike from a box

Below is a short video explaining how to build a bike from a box. If you are unsure about anything or get stuck, please contact us for help.

Due to the weight of electric bikes we recommend the bike is lifted out of the box to build it by a minimum of two people. Turning and fixing the handlerbars then fitting the pedals is reasonably straightforward. The video will explain what to do but if you are unsure, for safety reasons, please contact us or get the bike checked by a professional bike mechanic. It is important that your bike is safe to ride.

Before every ride we also recommend you M Check your bike. Check out this page for another video on how to perform one.

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NB: We don’t provide tools unless they come with the bike. To build a bike we recommend you use a set of allen keys and a 15mm pedal spanner

Did you know that we deliver most of our bikes ready to ride? This includes setup and a handover by a trained driver

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