using a tyre lever to remove a tyre of a rim

How to change a tyre or fix a puncture

A change of rubber on your bike is inevitable at some point. It may be a planned tyre change at home or an emergency repair to fix a puncture when you are out and about. Either way, removing and fitting a tyre is a must-have skill any rider should have. So let’s dig in to […]

a group of riders on MTBs

Riding an Ebike offroad makes you a better bike handler. Fact.

I’ve been riding and racing bikes for over 35 years. It is my opinion that if you are riding an ebike offroad you will be a better bike handler. Fact. Why? You will have more fun, ride further and faster because the inevitable uphill you get offroad will be so much easier and less tiring […]

a picture of different tyre treads

Ebike Tyres and Tubes – Explained

Choosing tyres and tubes can be a minefield. There is too much choice and confusing information. Here is a handy guide to help you understand ebike tyres and tubes. Tubes – Valves When choosing a tube for your tyre, the first thing you need to do is identify the valve. The two main valve types […]

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