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Opinion: Never ‘modify’ your Ebike

It’s something we get asked about all the time. UK Legal Electric Bikes are restricted to assist riders’ (while pedalling only) upto no more than 15.5mph or 25kmh. Can you ‘de-restrict’ my Ebike? Yes we can but we categorically don’t and won’t for good reason. Let’s dig into the detail why I think you should […]

a cyclist riding an eMTB offroad

Can an Ebike make you ride more?

It’s an alarming and somewhat uncomfortable fact that 70%+ of trips between two and five miles are driven. This often leads to congestion in our towns and cities which, in turn, is a cause of air and noise pollution. The former being a silent killer and an attributed cause of tens of thousands of deaths […]

a lady standing aside a bike wearing a helmet

What cycle helmet do I need?

The humble cycle helmet is no longer just protective cycling equipment, it’s a piece of fashion too. Designed to complement any cycling outfit whether you are mum taking the kids to school on your cargo bike or a weekend warrior tearing up the trails at your local trail centre. Helmet technology has seen a significant […]

a group of riders on MTBs

Riding an Ebike offroad makes you a better bike handler. Fact.

I’ve been riding and racing bikes for over 35 years. It is my opinion that if you are riding an ebike offroad you will be a better bike handler. Fact. Why? You will have more fun, ride further and faster because the inevitable uphill you get offroad will be so much easier and less tiring […]

sample frame geometry diagram

What size Electric Bike do I need?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked over and over again. To an untrained eye, trying to work out what size electric bike you need can be difficult. Brands size their bikes up differently to others. They may use a geometry table, they might show you sizes on a graphic, they might use […]

Strava Logo

Strava reports an Ebike BOOM!

Leading fitness app Strava has published its end-of-year report**. As is the case annually, it has highlighted some key trends from it’s data. The company, founded in 2009, boasts over 120 million users across the globe. Athletes, as Strava likes to refer to it’s users as, are able to flag Ebike rides alongside regular bike […]

France Ebike Subsidy

Ebike subsidy: France leads the way!

Bold leadership from the French Government here as they have followed through on a commitment to offer any resident an Ebike subsidy of up to €2,000. The scheme also includes the ability to use the money to buy a second-hand electric bike from a professional retailer. Something we at eCycleDirect are keeping a close eye […]

A cyclist wearing an Oxford Endeavour Jacket

What to wear on a bike in Winter?

For some, the thought of cycling in Winter is massively unappealing. Cold weather, mucky lanes and a higher chance of rain or more. However, cycling through the coldest months can be just as fun as in Summer as long as you take a bit of extra care and dress appropriately for the conditions. It ensures […]

Price Drop

We have REDUCED our prices AGAIN

January is a miserable time of year. Christmas has come and gone, the weather is naff and we have bills to pay. What if we said we can get you fit AND save you money? To help, we have reduced our prices AGAIN, so customers can enjoy even more savings. Reduced Prices All bikes that […]

Man in an orange jacket riding an electric bike

The 5 E’s in Ebike you didn’t know

The word Ebike is short for Electric Bike or is it? Here are 5 more E’s in Ebike you didn’t know. Effortless Electric bikes or Ebikes, are often perceived as effortless due to the assistance provided by their motor. However, that’s not strictly true unless the bike has a throttle (illegal). Riders still have to […]

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