Fazua Ride60 diagram

Electric Bike motors compared

In a busy marketplace with an array of brands offering electric bikes with a choice of motor, lets take a look at the major players, Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, Mahle Ebikemotion and Fazua and compare what they offer. Some bike manufacturers mix and match motors from different brands across their range. Haibike is a good example. […]

Ebike Conversion Kits Online

Opinion: Never ‘modify’ your Ebike

It’s something we get asked about all the time. UK Legal Electric Bikes are restricted to assist riders’ (while pedalling only) upto no more than 15.5mph or 25kmh. Can you ‘de-restrict’ my Ebike? Yes we can but we categorically don’t and won’t for good reason. Let’s dig into the detail why I think you should […]

a man wheeling an ebike onto a tow bar rack

What car rack do I need for my Ebike?

Big batteries and motors inevitably mean electric bikes are heavy. A fact not lost on riders that want to transport their bikes to nicer places to ride. In this article we’ll explore the key things you need to know and what Ebike car rack you need. Forget the Roof Electric Bikes vary in weight. Your […]

a woman standing aside a Batribike electric bike

Price Drop: Batribike

We’ve price dropped the prices on ALL Batribike electric bikes today. All bikes are now a minimum of 20% OFF. Batribike is a British electric bike company that was established in 2007. The aim was to produce an affordable bike without compromising on quality. The company has played a significant role in the development and […]

Bosch ebike range assistant calculator

How to use the Bosch Range Assistant

If you have an electric bike equipped with a Bosch motor, the Bosch Range Assistant is a useful tool to help you work out what range you can expect from your battery. Trying to give riders a precise answer to the question: What is the range of my battery? is a difficult one to answer […]

Someone cleaning an electric bike with Muc Off

How to clean an electric bike

Regular cleaning of your ebike is essential to keep it in good working order. Water and electrics are not compatible so blasting it with a pressure washer or hose at close-range is not a good idea. So how do you clean an electric bike? Here are our tips Most manufacturers recommend wiping your bike down […]

Bosch Intuvia Head Unit in turbo mode

10 Things you should never do with your Ebike

Ebikes are an expensive investment and should be looked after accordingly. Here are our Top 10 things you should never do with your electric bike. #1 Don’t clean or work on your Ebike upside down. Ebikes are not designed to be upside down. Manufacturers understand bikes will get wet and muddy. They build exhaust holes […]

Image of an electric bike highlighting the controller, motor and battery

How does an electric bike work?

An electric bike, also known as an Ebike, is effectively a normal bike with a built-in electric motor but how does it work? The motor applies additional power on top of the pressure been applied to the pedals by the rider, consequently this makes it feel easier to ride, particularly on hills. Legal ebikes are […]

3 riders on ebikes for sale in front of a castle

The Future of Commuting with Our Range of Ebikes for sale

ecycledirect.co.uk is your one-stop destination for the best in eco-friendly transportation from major ebike brands at prices you can afford. We source all of our premium ex demo electric bikes from distributors in the UK and EU. As the world continues to pivot towards greater sustainability and greener living, Ebikes have emerged as a gamechanger […]

Are Electric Bikes Safe?

What Is An Ebike? With Ebike and E-Scooter fire safety hitting the headlines in a sensational way recently you’d be forgiven for thinking that all Electric Bikes are potentially dangerous. That is simply not the case therefore let us walk you through what an electric bike is and what makes them safe and unsafe. We have […]

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