Spotlight: Our Ebike Buyers Guide

Buying an ebike is a big decision. Not just because it’s a signficant financial investment but deciding which make, model and type to go for. It’s important you buy the right one for you. When you begin your search for an electric bike, you will inevitably have questions while the rabbit hole just get’s deeper. It’s also true not everybody has an electric bike shop on their doorstep, so you are left trying to work it out for yourself. This is why we have pulled together key articles in our Ebike Buyers Guide to help answer the most common questions.


The team at eCycleDirect have extensive experience selling electric bikes to consumers. Our guide is based around answering the most common questions and queries we get asked. From the most basic, how does an electric bike work? to the more technical about choosing the correct size and comparing motors. It should cover everything you need to know but we also know that will not always be the case. If you have question not covered by the guide, just get in touch.

a screenshot of our ebike buyers guide

Our Ebike Buyers Guide

Our current guide articles are:

If you are new to electric bikes, it’s important you do your research but remember it’s not a decision you have to make on your own. With our Ebike Buyers Guide, our How To Hub series of articles and our team waiting to help, we have you covered.

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