Peace of Mind Guaranteed

It’s a phrase or term we use to give our customers comfort they are dealing with a service focussed retailer. Often taken for granted as part of some cheesy sales pitch but what does ‘Peace of Mind Guaranteed’ actually stand for and do we mean it?

Peace of mind is, of course, very subjective. It is an idiom which nurtures feelings of calm or not being worried according to the dictionary. And that is exactly how we want our customers to feel throughout their journey with us. We want them to be confident they are buying a quality bike from a retailer that operates a safe online environment. We believe customers should feel they can talk to us openly about anything. Ask us any question they want without fear of obligation, hard sell or discrimination. Just simple, honest advice. And when things go wrong, give customers comfort they can pick up the phone and speak to a real person. We want to instil confidence that we will do whatever it takes to put things right for them. It might not be as cool as it used to be, technology seems to interfere these days but we like good old-fashioned customer service. Putting an arm around a customer and saying ‘ don’t worry, leave it with us and we will sort it for you’. Then we do.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

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Definitely an eCycleDirect customer!

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Good isn’t Good Enough

For us good is the absolute minimum customers should expect and receive. Our best sales tool is happy customers talking about us to their friends and peers. Ordering from Amazon and receiving it the next day is good but would you tell your friend about your experience? No. But you would when something goes wrong and they send you a replacement, no questions asked though right? Exceptional customer service. To stand out. To be the best, we need to be exceptional everytime and thats what we strive to be.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

Why buy from us?

We only sell quality, branded bikes with a traceable history from reputable UK and European-based distributors and manufacturers. We do not sell or deal with converted or illegal electric bikes. Additionally, customers can expect a warranty and access to a National network of shops and approved third parties to support and keep them on the road. Quality bikes with an industry-leading, level of post-sale support.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

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