Strava reports an Ebike BOOM!

Leading fitness app Strava has published its end-of-year report**. As is the case annually, it has highlighted some key trends from it’s data. The company, founded in 2009, boasts over 120 million users across the globe. Athletes, as Strava likes to refer to it’s users as, are able to flag Ebike rides alongside regular bike rides, running, walking, virtual bike rides and a host of other outdoor activities. Digging into the detail, Strava reports an Ebike boom during 2023!

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The cycling boom blamed on COVID is showing no sign of stopping. Consequently, riders are riding further but those that recorded a ride on an electric bike rose by a staggering 23%. This backs up the anecdotal notion that electric bikes are here to stay and conversely are becoming more popular for more people.

Offroad riding increased too with the Gravel phenomenon showing no signs of abating with a growth of 55% and MTB up 13%. Within The Electric Bike Shop group we have seen significant growth in our eMTB sales this Winter, for example.

a rider riding an eMTB offroad
Strava reports MTB was up 13% in 2023

This data shows that consumers are taking electric bikes seriously whether for fun or lifestyle choices. Will we soon see Ebike sales in the UK surpass regular bicycle sales? This has already happened in Europe, with Germany being the first country to achieve this feat.

The trend looks set to continue this year and into the future. If you are considering joining the party read our article Why buy an Electric Bike? for some inspiration.

**Strava’s Year In Sport report analyses activities uploaded between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023. Activities flagged as private are excluded. The report also includes survey data from 6,990 respondents, drawn from Strava’s global community of over 120 million athletes and a random sampling of active people on and off the Strava platform.

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