Top 5 reasons to buy an Ebike this year

Buying your first electric bike can be a daunting experience. If you are a bit uncertain we’ve listed the top 5 reasons to buy an Ebike this year.

Due to post-COVID oversupply, electric bikes are currently cheaper than ever. Now is the time to take advantage of massive discounts from retailers. However, these offers won’t last. Moving forward, the market will begin to go back to normal and these deals will begin to disappear and subside. Retailers are being much more careful in ordering, so if you want a deal, now is the time to do it. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

If you still need convincing whether an Ebike will suit your lifestyle, here are five reasons to buy an Ebike this year.

#1 They will keep you fit

Fitness at this time of year, post-Christmas, is on everyone’s mind. For the price of a gym membership, you could be buying an electric bike and using the FREE Gym called the outdoors!

Electric bikes are pedal cycles, not motorbikes. There is no throttle so you have to pedal. Pedalling, even with the assistance they offer, will require effort and is therefore exercise. This is great news for your cardiovascular health and mental health.

We have regularly seen some our customers use an electric bike to get fit and lose weight. They have used them for post-op rehabilitation too. If you think age, illness or being so unfit is a barrier to starting again, then an Ebike can help you.

For more information on the health benefits riding an electric bike can offer, check out our article on the Top 10 Health Benefits of Riding an Ebike.

Lady riding a Cube Supreme Ebike

#2 Further, Faster, Longer, More

We have been selling premium electric bikes for over 7 years and it’s a fact that customers still keep coming back to us and tell us how they now cycle further, faster and longer than they ever did on a normal bike. They spend more hours in the saddle because they enjoy it so much and because they can. Fitness and hills are no longer a barrier to long rides.

Commutes are a breeze too. Electric bikes are faster than you think. A ride to work for me across the City of Birmingham takes me between 70 – 75 mins on my non-electric road bike. By comparison, my car journey is significantly longer as I have to drive around, and takes between 50 – 75 mins, depending on traffic. I borrowed a Cube Touring electric bike and the journey took me no more than 5 mins longer than my road bike. Ebikes pull away from standing starts at traffic lights and junctions more quickly and they are faster uphill due to the pedal assistance. Over the course of a commute this evens out the road bike been faster on long straight stretches of carriageway.

commuting on a Cube Compact ebike

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#3 Make Hills Flat

One of the biggest barriers to riding a bicycle for fun is dealing with hills. It’s uncomfortable, and for some, embarrassing to have to stop or get off and push their bike up a steep hill. This is no longer an issue for ebike riders.

Electric bikes now have very powerful motors onboard which make climbing hills relatively straightforward . Ebikes are capable of climbing significant gradients (circa 25% or 1-in-4) with luggage onboard. Riders simply use their gears first and when they run out they can increase the pedal assistance right up to the highest mode which can offer over 300% of additional effort on the pedals for the rider. Every hill becomes a lot flatter very quickly. Higher torque motors cope with hills better and a sound reason to buy an Ebike.

a woman riding a Cube eMTB

#4 Save Money – An Electric Bike for FREE!

If we said you could effectively own an electric bike for free, would you be interested?

On the face of it, even with big discounts currently available on Ebikes, the initial cost of buying an Ebike is high. However, if you buy on Finance or Cycle to Work you could save even more money and the regular monthly payment helps to budget too.

When you start comparing costs vs a car, for example, then things get interesting. Commuting or riding to work on a bike has some tangible benefits.

To drive 1000 miles in average 35 miles to the gallon family car will cost (@£1.50 per litre) just under £200. In comparison, an electric bike with a single charge range of 50 miles will cost approx. £6.

If you regularly commute to work on an electric bike and replace some short car journeys, you could save over £1000 a year on fuel alone, yet alone servicing and depreciation on your car etc. Over 3 years this could pay for a top of the range electric bike. A FREE Ebike!

#5 Do your bit, have fun

Replacing any car journey takes a car off the road and therefore helps reduce congestion, air pollution and noise pollution. 70% of car journeys are below 10 miles, a distance easily achievable on an electric bike. For some, particularly in urban areas, electric bikes are replacing their second cars because it’s cheaper, greener and healthier. A lifestyle change and sacrifice that is worth it for them.

However, compromise is key. It’s important that riders enjoy it or there is no point. It’s important to remember that Ebikes are amazing machines that offer better lifestyle choices but nobody enjoys riding in pouring rain or the freezing cold do they? A nice warm car is far more appealing. We don’t advocate replacing all car journeys, all of the time. Just ask yourself the question when you are about to drive a short journey. Could I ride it instead? Do your bit but have fun too.

a man riding an electric bike and smiling
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